Call Center Simulator

Language: C++

Platform: Windows/DOS

Summary: Simulates call center staffing conditions based on a number of user defined variables.

Screen Shots:

Call Simulator Setup

Call Simulator Running

Call Simulator Summary

Purpose: A final project submission for the "C++ II" class. This program attempts to simulate basic staffing needs for a call center based on a number of user defined variables.
The goal of the project is to simulate and determine the maximum calls per minute that a staff of n operators with a mixed skill level (s%) can handle over a given period of t hours without exceeding a hold time of h.
All simulated calls must be distributed in a manner that maintains the most even workload per operator possible.

Availability: Freely Available on this site.

Licensing: Licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.

Download the source code: here

Download the program: here

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