Jeremiah Altepeter

Hi, I'm Jeremiah Altepeter, and I am a geek.

I am a semi-professional web designer and programmer. I am currently pursuing a degree in Software Application Development. Previously, I have obtained a degree in Computer Networking Systems.

This is my little place on the web to show off some of what I have done, to blog about anything that passes by, and to practice what I learn. Plus, it's cool to own and I might as well put something here. Right?

Currently I work as the Director of IT for a very successful telephone answering service in Las Vegas called Answer Plus I have worked a variety of other positions in the past, with experience in everything from selling cars, to the US Army where I proudly served as a paratrooper in D Trp, 1/509 IN (Abn).

Visit my My Portfolio and check out some of the various works I've done.

You can view my My Resume here.

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